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Educational Visits & Visitors

At Stannington we aim to visit different places to enhance whatever learning is taking place.  The visit will always be relevant and well-planned with the children’s safety and educational experience being carefully considered.

Our visits planned in 2016-2017 were:  'Toys Now & Then' Workshop, Toys R Us, Graves Art Gallery. Millennium Galleries, Crucible Theatre, Christchurch in Stannington,  Stannington Park, Knowle Top Chapel,  Whirlow Hall Farm, Gingerbread Man and Gruffalo workshops, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, English Institute of Sport, Weston Park Museum,  Mosque, Hindu Samaj and Mandir, Botanical Gardens and The Lyceum Theatre.  See the diary for this year's dates.

Parents comments are important to us following our Educational Visits.  Excerpts include:

 “excellent day for the reception children”   “ a great and informative trip for young children”  “pleasure to be a helper and I will certainly volunteer to help again in the future”   “fabulous hands on experience”   “the temple was colourful  and engaging”   “the  trip was  very well organised”  “children's conduct and behaviour was super”  “the children were enthusiastic and talked about the day all the way home”  “ the children were prepared and confident about the trip”  “the children were good at asking interesting questions”   “the children were very absorbed in all the tasks”  “all the children were keen to answer questions and had lots of ideas for their exhibit” 

To maintain our ethos of quality learning through visits and visitors  we  realise  that  we  do rely on  the  support of Stannington parents.    Due to strict  guidelines for  schools we  can only ask for ‘voluntary contributions’.    If we did not receive parental contributions we would not be able to fund this number of visits over a financial year and unfortunately we would have to cancel the trip and continue our topic in class.  This is why we state ‘voluntary contributions’ to meet with the guidelines. The cost of a  visit is  always considered  and  we endeavour to keep the cost to a minimum,  for example by  obtaining  quotes  from  coach  operators or where possible walking or using public transport.   When this is  not possible  we use coaches  from an approved  operator by Sheffield City Council. 

As Educational Visits co-ordinator I would like to thank you for your support and I know that many parents have also found the educational visits a rewarding and stimulating experience.



6 October 2016

Y2 Toys Now & Then (in school)

16 November 2016

Y2DB visit Toys R Us

18 November 2016

Y2H visit Toys R Us
25 November 2016Y2 "Portraits" workshop  at Graves Gallery
8 December 2016Y1 "Toys" workshop at Weston Park
12 January 2017 FS Gingerbread Man Storytelling Role Play Workshop
13 January 2017Young Voices at the Arena
1 March 2017Y1 trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park
1 March 2017Y2H visit to Madina Masjid
2 March 2017Y2DB visit to Madina Masjid
8 March 2017Y1 to visit the EIS
28 March 2017FS Visit to Whirlow Farm
27 April 2017FS Gruffalo Workshop
10 May 2017FS Meet a Creature
12 June 2017Y1 Botanical Gardens
16 June 2017Y2 Build it Kelham Island (10 pupils)

We  will keep you informed when further trips have been booked.


Guidance for parents supporting educational visits



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