Graves Gallery November 2016 at Stannington Infant School
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Graves Gallery November 2016

Both classes took the bus into town and had their lunch in the Winter Gardens. Then it was time to go to the gallery. In the foyer Ben thought that the mobile ‘looked like birds flying’ and Sophie thought they ‘looked like tacos!’ We met Anita our guide who was going to educate us about portraits – what they are, why people have them, how we draw them. One of the first portraits we saw was of the man who helped set up the gallery, Mr J G Graves! Lily M said, ‘They’re so well painted, your portraits.’

Then we went into another part of the gallery and looked at some older portraits. Isobel and Eddie in 2H and Lily HC and Harry in 2DB dressed up as 2 of the people in the paintings and we were able to ask them questions! ‘What’s your favourite country?’ (Jacob) ‘Turkey, that’s where my dad was a king,’ Harry speaking as Lord Edward Wortley Montagu. While we were here Anita showed us how to draw our own portraits, but first she made us touch the top of our heads, close our eyes and trace our finger around the shape of our heads and then to our eyes, nose and mouths! Why? To help us understand a bit more about proportion and to realise our eyes aren’t really on our foreheads! We all got to draw a picture of a face as well as a picture of Eddie and Harry dressed as Lord Edward Wortley Montagu. After we had finished this we went into another part of the gallery to look at some more modern portraits. One of the adults then ‘posed’ for us and we drew a portrait using chalks – this meant we could ‘blend’ and ‘smudge’ to create a different effect.

Finally Anita took us to look at a piece of sculpture called ‘The Kiss’ – ask us to tell you about it and why it is so thought-provoking!

What a fantastic visit and well done Y2 for your excellent behaviour and wonderful comments!

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