Victorian Classroom January 2014 at Stannington Infant School
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Victorian Classroom January 2014

The Year Two classes have recently visited the Victorian Classroom at Springfield School. Here they had the opportunity to experience what it was like in a Victorian Classroom and take part in activities in which they learnt more about a Victorian childhood.

During the day the boys dressed in waistcoats and flat caps and the girls in pinafores and mop caps. In the morning, Mrs Harris and Mrs Barker, suitably dressed in Victorian attire, assisted Miss Sharp, a strict Victorian teacher. The children experienced a lesson learning the three r’s, reading, writing and arithmetic, using authentic resources such as slates, ink pens, dunce cap, finger stocks and the dreaded cane! Before their experience could begin they had to pay their penny to enter the classroom!

After class we went outside and played with Victorian toys followed by our Victorian style lunches. May we take this opportunity to thank all parents who tried to be so creative with the lunches which added to the Victorian experience for your child.

In the afternoon, the children took part in four activities to widen their understanding of Victorian times. The children learnt all about wash day with Mrs Dolly-peg. They also made a Victorian style card, did Victorian drawings and had an opportunity to play with more Victorian toys.

Back in school their learning has been extended by writing activities about their experience and role playing different scenarios. 

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