YEAR 1J SPRING 2013 at Stannington Infant School
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Y1J took part in Forest Schools on a Friday during the first half of the Spring Term.

Week 1

We really enjoyed our first week of Forest Schools. We started our science learning about forces by exploring pushes and pulls.  We had to take photographs of the pushes and pulls we saw. 

Week 2

This week we had snow at school and couldn’t wait to go outside!

We all made snow angels and looked at our footprints in the fresh snow.  Then we compared the size of them.

We took some photographs of the school field and garden, when we got back into to the classroom we wrote captions to go with our pictures.

Week 3

This week we made porridge as we had been learning “The Magic Porridge Pot” story.  While the porridge was cooking over the fire we all retold the story. While the porridge was cooking over the fire we all retold the story.  Luckily our pot of porridge didn’t spill all over the place!

Some of us went bird watching; wood pigeons and magpies.  We had to be very quiet to make sure we didn’t scare the birds away!

At the end of the day we tasted some hot chocolate, it was really nice.

Week 4

This week we each toasted a marshmallow on a stick.  We had to hold it over the fire until they looked brown.  They tasted yummy!

We also made tree rubbings and then thought carefully about words to describe the texture of the tree.

Week 5

This week was our last week of Forest Schools.  Our favourite part of the day was when we had tomato soup, it was delicious!  We all tried it, and would have liked some more!

Earlier in the week we had been on a trip to Weston Park Museum and we had the chance to practise making an igloo.  This inspired us to make our very own igloo!  We worked extremely well together as a team and really persevered to make it so tall.

We also made dens using sticks, leaves and some plastic sheets, just in case it rained!  It did rain a little bit but we were kept nice and dry inside our den.

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