YEAR 2E AUTUMN 2012 at Stannington Infant School
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Stannington Infant School
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Y2E took part in Forest Schools on a Friday during the second half of the Autumn Term.  Each week the children participated in different activities..................

Week 1

We used natural materials from the garden to make skeletons.  We needed to think very carefully about the different parts of our bodies to do this.

Week 2

We were showed how to make butter.  It was very hard work.  We added garlic butter and spread it on bread.  Delicious!

We searched for minibeasts in the garden and looked in books to find out about them.

Week 3

 Leaf Storm!  We collected our leaves.  As much as we can hold! 1 2 3 here we go!!!!!! 

We planted 60 new trees for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Week 4

Mrs Gillott taught us how to use a bow saw.  We all but a piece of wood and made a necklace.  Saws are dangerous and we had to concentrate. 

We needed to look very carefully to do observational drawings of trees.

Week 5

Building dens needs teamwork, listening to one another's opinions is important.

Our science work is 'materials'.  We have been material detectives in the garden looking for natural materials, man-made materials and materials that have been manufactured.

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