YEAR 2H AUTUMN 2012 at Stannington Infant School
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Y2H took part in Forest Schools on a Friday during the first half of the Autumn Term. As part of our Forest School learning 2H found out about plants and animals in the local environment.

Week 1: We identified living and non living things in the school garden.

Week 2: We were learning about minibeasts and their habitats. We compared the playground, the field and the garden. We drew pictures of the minibeasts we found.

One child said:

‘The best habitat for minibeasts is the garden because it has lots of food, shelter and is damp.’

One of our mums came in to show us how to make butter from milk. It tasted great when we added garlic’s and herbs!! Yum, yum on our warm bread!!

We learned how to use a hack saw!! Mrs Gillott helped us to use it safely!

Week 3

Today we looked at different parts of a plant and talked about which each part did and why it was important. Later we planted plants with Neville; we could name all the different parts!!!

We made green men out of clay.

Week 4

Today we are learning what makes a good habitat. We made a habitat for an animal that might live in the school garden. 

Week 5

Today we have been comparing habitats. We looked at a badger set with Neville. We talked about why they lived in the woods and why it was a better habitat than our garden school.

Week 6

This is our last day!!! We have loved our time at Forest School.

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