] School Council at Stannington Infant School
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Stannington Infant School
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School Council

School Council gives our children a voice in the development of Stannington Infant School and the local community. Children are elected annually and the council has two representatives from each Y1 and Y2 class. School Council meetings are held regularly, usually twice each half term with Mrs Everitt.

We believe that the School Council encourages children to understand and value the ideals of democracy and citizenship. Each year our council makes links with other local schools, which can include joint projects, visiting each school and sharing the best ideas. This year we are working with Royd Nursery Infant School and Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School.

Here are our School Council representatives:

Year 1 GE

Declan – ‘I have good ideas to share.’

Ruby – ‘I want to make school better.’


Year 1 GR

Scarlett – ‘I like meeting new people.’

Drew - 'I want to make the school yard better.'


Year 2 F

Esme – ‘I have lots of good ideas.'

Ben – ‘I like new things for our school.'


Year 2 H

Matthew – ‘I want to visit other schools.’

Isabelle – ‘I like to make decisions.’


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