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The purpose of this page is to help you understand how R.E is taught at Stannington Infant School.

Foundation Stage

At Stannington Infant School, Religious Education in F.S is taught as part of the specific area ‘Understanding the World’. It is used to help strengthen the positive impressions that children have of their own culture, community and/or faith as well as that of other cultures or faiths within their community.

Key Stage 1

As children move into Y1 and throughout Y2 we follow the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum for teaching R.E.

R.E is frequently linked to other areas in the K.S 1 curriculum such as Literacy, PSHE, Art/Drama and P4C. The children will now revisit the themes introduced in F.S, however they will now deepen their understanding of the different religions found in their community, linking them to their own experiences and ideas. They will be encouraged to think critically about quite deep religious concepts: Good vs Evil; Right and Wrong; The importance of being sorry; Forgiveness. Teaching will also be supported by visits that will take place throughout the year and visitors coming into school to speak and answer questions.