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Design and Technology

The purpose of this page is to help you understand how Design and Technology is taught in Stannington Infant School.

Foundation Stage

Children’s development within Design and Technology follows the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance and is taught through Expressive Arts and Physical development (fine motor skills). In this area of development children will be developing skills in manipulating and joining materials, as well as using simple construction kits, matching, sorting, pattern making and developing relationships with numbers and shapes. This will be linked to current learning as part of the creative curriculum.

Key stage 1

At Stannington Infant School we follow the learning objectives as set out in the National Curriculum for teaching Design and Technology.

Where ever possible links are made to other areas of learning. Work in science, investigating materials and their uses could be used to find a waterproof covering for a den for example. This reinforces learning opportunities.

Design and technology tasks usually follow a process.


Here children explore and evaluate a range of existing products.


This is the part that develops the idea, based on a theme.


This is the aspect that has a focus on a specific skill or area of understanding– such as wheels and axles.


This part is a reflection on what went well and what might have been improved, for future reference.