Conisbrough Castle October 2015 at Stannington Infant School
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Conisbrough Castle October 2015

The Year 2 children had a very enjoyable day at Conisbrough Castle. The visit allowed the children to experience in reality all the things that we have been learning about castles from websites and information books in the classroom. They were able to look at some of the features of a castle, including the keep, and what these features were for. They found out about what it was like to live in a castle, either as a wealthy lord and lady, as a servant or even as a prisoner. The children also had the opportunity to develop their observation skills further by drawing parts of the castle structure that are still standing. This required sustained concentration from each child and close attention to detail, in order to draw exactly what they saw.

Back in school we will be carrying on our learning about castles. We will be labelling castles using the correct names for the features that we know. We will be writing information books about castles and how they were used in the past, and looking at how castles are used today. In Design and Technology we will be designing and making our very own castles and solving problems like how to make a drawbridge open and close.

We hope that our visit to Conisbrough Castle will continue to inspire the children in their learning about castles.


"Being able to see the different jobs and rules in the castle brought the history to life.  **** realised that being a prisoner could be scary, helping her to be aware of different things people have to do"

"the trip was 'brilliant' and the arrow slits in the walls of the keep were interesting!"

"**** appears to be really interested in this subject.  She is eager to tell us about what she is learning.  The trip to Conisbrough Castle was a definite highlight.  We know every detail about how they cleaned the toilets"

"**** really enjoyed this trip.  She said it was 'brill' and her favourite part was the tower.  She has told us lots of things about the castle and what they learned on the visit"

"**** thoroughly enjoyed the trip and repeatedly said the best bit was going on the roof!  I think it has inspired her to be more motivated about her home learning tasks."

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