Victorian Classroom March 2018 at Stannington Infant School
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Victorian Classroom March 2018

The Year 2 visit to the Victorian Classroom was a very enjoyable and very effective way of supporting our work in history as part of our ‘What’s through your window?’ topic. The children had the opportunity to experience life as a Victorian child through dressing up and role play. They all took their parts very seriously and were a credit to the school. Having the names of real Victorian children who attended a Victorian school in Sheffield really helped the children to get in to character. They loved playing with Victorian toys and experiencing washing clothes as a Victorian child would have. The children are very pleased we now have washing machines.


Feedback Letter


**** really enjoyed visiting the Victorian classroom. Her favourite part was when the boys said the girls couldn't have a Victorian playtime!

'It was great to get to feel how the people felt back in the olden days. The teachers were strict and you had to get the cane if you were naughty or wear the dunses hat if you got something wrong. I felt sorry laughing at the dunse! I learnt that I wouldn't like to live in those times and that our teachers now are so friendly'.

As parents we were amazed how much information the children had retained and how much they had understood about a different period in history. They were really enthusiastic about their day. Thank you to all the teachers and everyone involved in making the excursion possible.

As a parent helper this was one of the best school trips I have attended. Very informative day for ***, as well as me!

It was a really enjoyable day. The children really engaged and took part. I was so impressed with those who had key roles - **** really took his role seriously. **** was far too at home taking the cane! I think it shocked some how girls were treated in the past so perhaps a precursor to show how things have and should change over the years. I am always impressed by the children and enjoy spending a day learning with them...and I did learn lots! A brillant learning tool and day.

**** enjoyed the visit, especially the afternoon activities.

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