Literacy Box at Stannington Infant School
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Literacy Box

Ian and Andrea parker kindly came to our school to tell us all about the Literacy in a Box Trust. 

Your Literacy Box Challenge 

In a class council session I would like you to discuss ideas and make plans for how you can raise money towards our school buying, at least 1, Literacy Box this summer. They cost £257. 

Your class will be given £25 to use to buy any resources you might need. For example if you wanted a cake stall you would need to buy the ingredients to make the cakes or if you wanted to have a bouncy castle and ‘sell goes’ you would need to hire the bouncy castle!! 

This is called ‘Enterprise’ 

We are going to have an enterprise week starting on the 3rd June – but you need to start planning for it now! Good Luck. 

Some classes decorated pots and grew sunflowers to sell. The children wrote instructions for how to grow the packets of seeds. 

One class had a tea room. They worked out how much to sell the drinks and cakes for to raise as much money as possible. They raised over £130!

The tea room was very popular. Everyone had their own job to do ~ showing people to seats, waiting on tables, making drinks and even washing up!

Another class decided to have a shoe shine business. They charged £2.00 for one pair and offered 3 pairs to be cleaned for £5.00. They shined a lot of shoes and raised £129.50! 

The children did their own advertising! 

The youngest children baked gingerbread men to sell. They were delicious! They also made these lovely packets for their seeds. 

This was such a worthwhile experience for the children, we had great support from parents and extended family. 

The children raised over £550 and we are very proud of them! 

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