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Eco School

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life.

The Eco-Schools framework consists of seven elements:

1. Eco-Committee

2. Environmental Review

3. Action Plan

4. Involving the whole school and wider community

5. Linking to the curriculum

6. Monitoring and evaluation

7. Eco-Code

The framework supports schools working on different environmental and sustainable topics. There are nine topics that you can choose to work on.

Nine topics:

1. Energy

2. Water

3. Biodiversity

4. School grounds

5. Healthy living

6. Transport

7. Litter

8. Waste

9. Global citizenship

As you know we have achieved Eco Schools status and the Green Flag Award. Team Green meet regularly to discuss Green issues in school. We met to vote for our name (Team Green)  and to choose the winning poster for helping everyone in school to save water. Well done to Aaron in 2E whose poster is displayed in the toilets and classrooms. Alex’s poster (FSHB) is in all the staff areas. We have also met to choose our school Eco code. Information about our Eco School work is on the noticeboard outside Mrs. Ashley’s classroom.

On Wednesday 29th June we had our first Green Day in school. Everyone wore something green and some children even painted their faces! We started the day with an assembly by Action for Stannington which helped us to understand how important recycling is.  After that we did lots of “Green“ activities in our classrooms. We all wrote pledges about what we will do to help the environment which will be hung from our Pledge Tree. This tree was made by Anya’s mum, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Turner with groups of children from all classes.  We all had a Philosophy Circle in our classrooms, debating environmental issues. We then made musical instrument out of recyclable materials and we played these in assembly at the end of the day when we sang our  Eco School song.

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

Turning lights off, checking the tap,
Having a shower instead of a bath.

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

Picking up litter, planting some seeds,
Tidying up the garden, getting rid of weeds.

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

Taking the bus and walking to school,
Or riding your bike, now that's really cool!

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

Eating your fruit, composting the peel,
Drinking your water - just see how you feel!

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

Recycling our paper, re-using our jars,
Thinking of others from Sheffield to Mars!

Going green, going green,
How can we do it? What does it mean?

April 2014

We were very lucky to have a visit from Recycle Man this week! He managed to stop Dr Rubbish from his evil plan of turning the country into landfill and stopping us from carrying out the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We helped Recycle Man to sort the rubbish that the thoughtless Dr Rubbish threw all over the floor and we had fun singing our Eco Song.

Thank you to the students at Sheffield Hallam University for an informative and entertaining performance.

JUNE 2017

We have set up our own Eco-team within school and we are called the Eco Warriors. We have an Eco School Code that we want to follow as a whole school. As a school we want to make sure we have a clean environment so during playtimes we will be litter picking around the school grounds.

We want to increase the amount of wildlife in our school gardens so we have made minibeast hotels and planted more trees within the grounds. We have made lists of the different types of minibeast and will monitoring if this has increased.

We need to reduce the amount of energy we use in school, so we have made posters reminding people to turn lights off in classrooms and switch off computer monitors and whiteboards when they are not in use. We also need to remember to turn taps off.

We need to make sure we stay healthy so each class will be taking part in Active 10 each day and completing exercise for at least 10 minutes! Eco-team will be making sure that each class takes part!

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