Summer 2017 at Stannington Infant School
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Summer 2017


Recently the children have been learning ‘The Papaya that Spoke’ story.

They created a story map and acted out sections of the story in their groups. We focused on using verbs and adverbs which meant the children could write interesting sentences e.g. The farmer quickly ran away and he shouted loudly!’ The children have worked hard all year practising their spellings and it is great to see them spelling these words correctly in their stories.

We were lucky to have another visit from Mr Payne. The children loved listening to his pirate poems and thinking of their own pirate ideas.


The trip to Botanical gardens gave the children the opportunity to complete a maths trail. The children were able to recall facts and apply their number skills.

Our recent Enterprise week gave the children chance to apply their money knowledge to real life situations. Working out total amounts of money and giving change were skills the children needed at our cake sale.



The children loved finding out about the Arctic regions and Captain Falcon Scott. They compared the temperature of the Arctic to England and tried to imagine how they would feel in such freezing climates! They were able to write facts about Arctic animals and discuss how they adapt to their environment.

In Science children made careful observations of plants. They investigated what would happen if the growing conditions changed e.g. – no water.

Children designed posters to encourage others to be Eco friendly. They included important messages like: ‘Switch off lights’ and ‘Turn off the taps.’

More recently the children have had so much fun designing and making their explorer jeep. They have selected a range of materials and tools and worked lovely together in small groups. They fixed an axle/wheels to their vehicle and we tested them outside the mobile down the ramp. Luckily they were all in one piece at the bottom!



Arts week was a perfect opportunity for the children to improve their observational drawing techniques. They focussed on scale and proportion when drawing their self- portraits. The Arts picnic gave them chance to show case this along with their poetry and singing.


The children have been busy practising their skills ready for Sports day. They have persevered and challenged themselves with ball skills, skipping, target practise and many others.


We visited Botanical Gardens. This gave the children further opportunity to observe the plants that grow in other countries and discuss the different climates to our own. We took part in drama sessions in the bear pit and the children loved acting out the moment when the children found the bear from the ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ story.

The children were able to follow clues that led us to sculptures and art work, each one had a new riddle for us to solve. We made observational sketches of flowers, plants and sculptures. We even found time to do a maths trail where we had to solve some maths problems including finding a way to measure some of the art works.


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