Autumn 2017 at Stannington Infant School
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Autumn 2017


Fiction: Story writing - We focussed on The Gruffalo’s Child. We wrote brilliant character descriptions so that our readers would learn all about the Gruffalo’s child. We also used technology to help us to imagine that we were in a snowy forest, this helped us to think of adjectives to write a story setting. We wrote our own Gruffalo’s child stories using all the great things that we had learned from our character and setting descriptions.

Poetry – We were thrilled to be visited by local poet Mr Payne, he told us some of the poems that he has been writing and it inspired us to write poems about our favourite words associated with each day of the week. He also told us a poem about a lost wellington and we began to think about some keys that someone once found. We imagined what the key would be like if it were owned by a character from a story and used great adjectives to describe it.

Non Fiction; After our visit to Conisbrough castle, we used the information that we had researched about castles to write a non chronological report. We made sure that we included a heading, a caption and labels.


Number – We have been reading numbers to 70 and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We used numicon and number lines to add two numbers and used Base 10 to help us understand place value.

Problem solving- To help us further our understanding of what we were learning we solved word problems involving adding and subtracing.

SSM – We learned the names of common 2d and 3d shapes and used mathematical words to describe their properties such as, sides, corners and faces.

KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD – History, Geography, Science, RE, Eco School 

Design and Technology - In DT we have been designing and making castles. We did lots of research and found out lots of interesting facts during our visit to Conisborough Castle. In school we designed our castle making sure it had many castle defences so that enemies could not attack! We worked collaboratively in groups to make our castles. We used sliders to make a character ‘pop up’ in our castles. We also used a hinge to operate the drawbridge. Finally we evaluated our castles and thought carefully about what worked well and what we would improve next time. Take a look in the hall to see our wonderful display.

History & Geography - We have loved learning all about castles. We have discovered what castles were for and have learned the features of them such as the portcullis, battlements, drawbridge and arrow slits. We can even explain where these features would be located and what they were for. We went on a fantastic trip to Conisbrough Castle and found out who lived in castles and what castle life was like for them. It was so much fun dressing up! We also looked at the location of castles and learned why castles were built on hills.

RE - We have learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We made Diwali lanterns. More recently we have learned the Christmas Story and have re-told it during Literacy sessions.


On our visit to Conisborough Castle we made some careful observational drawings. We thought carefully about line and shape and did some wonderful sketches.


Handwriting – We have been learning to use our new handwriting paper to make sure that we form tall and short letters using the broken and solid lines in our books. We have also been doing regularly ‘dough disco’ sessions and ‘funky fingers’ activities to help us to build up the muscles in our hands and wrists that help us to write carefully. We have all improved our handwriting hugely!


We have been very lucky to have training from RuggerEds rugby coaches and tennis coaching each Wednesday from Parks Tennis which we have thoroughly enjoyed! 

Personal, Social, Health Education – SEAL / circle time, Healthy Schools

At the beginning of term we were introduced to our circle time friend Jigsaw Jack. He helps us during our circle times by making us feel special and safe when we are talking in front of each other.

To begin our circle time learning we thought carefully about our class charter, we have come up with an agreement of how we should behave in school so that everyone has a chance to learn and feel happy at school. We have been thinking about the ways that we can learn, just like Rosie Resourceful and Theo Thinker.

We have also been learning how to celebrate difference. We have learned about similarities and differences. We worked together in groups to identify how we are similar and different both on the outside in terms of how we look and on the inside in terms of how we feel about things e.g. our likes and dislikes. We talked about how our differences make us special and unique.

During anti bullying week we learned what bulling is and thought about how we might feel if we were being bullied. We also learned what to do if we thought we, or anyone we knew, was being bullied and who we could talk to. We learned about the importance of being kind to everyone.

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