Autumn 2014 at Stannington Infant School
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Autumn 2014


We have been learning our first oral story of the year: The Princess and the Pea. We have learned to orally retell the story using story actions and drew the main parts of the story in our story maps. We also added speech to our character actions. Then we innovated the story by adding adjectives to describe the characters. Some of us had “a beautiful princess”, “a handsome prince”, “a bossy queen” or even a “nosey queen”.

Our story changes helped us to write our own versions of The Princess and the Pea.

In Y1 we love the story “Dogger” and finding out about Dave’s special toy. At the start of one week we were allowed to bring our own special toys into school and we were even allowed to cuddle them at carpet time! Then we all did some writing describing our special toys and why they are important to us. We all love our special toys just as much as Dave loves Dogger! We then planned a story about how our special toys got lost and how we got them back in the end just like Dave got Dogger back. We then had to copy carefully from our planning to produce a “polished piece of writing”. Our stories look as well as sound amazing.

As part of our topic work on ‘Toys and Games’ we found out about toys from the past using non-fiction texts and wrote our own information page containing the features of non-fiction texts e.g. heading, caption and labels. We have also been learning to recite and perform poems about toys to an audience. We had to make sure we used a clear, loud voice so everyone could hear. After that we wrote our own poems based on the nursery rhyme ‘Hey diddle, diddle’.

We finished the Autumn term with The Nativity Story. In this work we sequenced the events and used the pictures to retell the story both orally, using stick puppets we made, and in writing. We also wrote lists of characters in the story and completed a comprehension.


In number work we have been working with numbers to 20 to read, write, order and compare them. We have also been thinking about what each number in a “teens” number means. In 19 the 1 doesn’t mean 1 it means 10!

In our work on addition we have been learning that we can count on from the bigger number when we are adding 2 numbers together. We are learning a rhyme to help us with this. “Put 11 in your head and 4 on your fingers. 11,12,13,14,15. We have to remember to pat our head when we say 11 and touch our fingers when we say 12,13,14,15.

We have begun some work using money and thinking about the value of coins up to and including 10p. We have then been learning about what coins we can use to make amounts of money.


We have been learning about our senses and how they are important as they give us information about the world around us and we then use that information to keep ourselves safe.

In RE we have been listening to the story of Ganesha, who is a Hindu God. We have also been finding out about how Hindus lead their lives and what they believe in.

Our History work has been about old toys and games. Some of us have been talking with our grandparents about the toys and games that they played when they were young.

As part of our D&T work we have made split pin Doggers. We had to talk about how the parts of the design template fit together and what joining materials to use. We also made a hand puppet. We discussed the best material to use to create a hand puppet and designed ideas. Then we sewed our puppet together with an overstitch using our design ideas to create a finished product.


We loved all the work we did on ‘Take 1 Picture’ using the The Fighting Temeraire by J.W. Tuner. We looked closely at the picture and discussed what we could see. Then we painted our own pictures. We started with a colour wash for the sea and the sky. To do this we started with thick paint at the bottom of our paper and added water to make the paint thinner as we moved up the paper. Then we added details by including a sunrise and its reflection using pastels and a collage boat. We also enjoyed using pastels to make our own fireworks pictures.

During December we have been very busy sparkling and glittering to make lots of Christmas crafts including hand puppets, Christmas cards for our families, angel decorations and material wreathes.



In dance we have been using the imoves dance programme. We learned how to respond to changes in the music and become a fairy-tale character for example an elf and move our bodies imaginatively.

We loved our football session with Gary, a coach from the FA. He taught us how to control the ball, get into spaces and how to dodge our opponents.

In gymnastics we have learned how to use our bodies to make wide, narrow and curled shapes on the floor and on the apparatus.


Our SEAL topic has been “.New Beginnings”. We have been settling into our new classes and getting to know our new teachers and classroom. Being in a mobile is different to being in school!  During Anti-Bullying Day we talked about how we are the same and how we are different.  We also learned that it is good to be different.


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