Today the children in Reception had a visit from 5 special visitors; Casper, Dusty, Amber, Jack and Charlie. What a hoot of a day we have had!

We have learnt all about what owls eat, how the use their wings to fly, how they build their nests and what type of owls are nocturnal and diurnal. The children have also loved holding their new fluffy friends and did a great job of standing so still and smiling when having their picture taken.

We cannot wait to carry on our learning about owls in the classroom. We have got so many questions that we cannot wait to find out the answers too:

What do owls eat?

Why are owls so big?

Can all owls turn their heads?

Why do owls have a beak and no nose?

Can owls fly 20 metres?

Do owls use their feathers to fly?

How do owls grow their claws?

How long can owls fly for?

A special thanks goes to Steve from the Yorkshire Wildlife Experience!