Our story for this term has been ‘Where the Wild Things are’. We loved reading and acting out the story as well as creating our very own Wild Things! We used some brilliant expanded noun phrases to describe them – come and have a look at our descriptions displayed in our classrooms! We then went onto retell the story with our new characters in it! Max had a great time meeting them!

This term we have delved into the world of toys for our topic. We’ve been asking and answering our own questions about toys such as ‘How are they made?’ and ‘What was the first toy?’. We’ve been busy researching toys from the past and enjoyed becoming curators and making a toy display on our trip to Weston Park Museum. 

This half term we have been busy becoming non-fiction writers. Mrs Binns wrote to us asking for our opinion on banning toys at playtime. Luckily we managed to persuade her to change her mind, by writing some very persuasive letters!

We have also written instructions to explain how to play the board games we designed in our Topic work. We enjoyed using Microsoft Word to type up our instructions. We learned how to copy, paste and edit images as well as editing text. We were very pleased with our professional looking set of instructions that accompany our board game. 


This term we have been learning all about place value. We can partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones as well as in different ways. We loved using the base ten equipment to help us think about what parts make the whole number.

We have also learned how to add and subtract multiples of ten to any 2 digit number. The hundred square came in handy to help us look for patterns when we were learning this skill!

We have continued to build our understanding of addition and subtraction this half term. We enjoyed using the base ten equipment to help us understand how to add and subtract by partitioning.

We had fun recognising different coins and using them to make different amounts. Ask me how many different ways I can make 20p!

We also enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We can tell you about their different properties and sort them based on different criteria. Let me tell you about the similarities and differences of a cube and a cuboid.


What would be the best material to make a raincoat for a teddy? In Science this half term 2HR have been learning all about materials and their properties to help them answer these sorts of questions. We can identify the different materials that objects can be made from as well as some of the reasons why these materials are used.

2DF have been lucky to do their Science learning this half term as part of Forest School. They have enjoyed coming up with interesting questions to answer by using the great outdoors such as ‘How do leaves change colour?’ and ‘Where do mini beasts live?’. Pop into class to take a look at our floor book to see what we found out!

In RE we have been thinking about different types of leaders. We shared times when we all felt we had been a good leader and talked about what we thought made a good leader. 

In the run up to Christmas we have been learning the Christmas story and the importance of giving the gift of our time and kindness.

We had an exciting Science week with our learning based around the book ‘Traction Man’. We built on our understanding of different materials through exciting investigations and finished the week by designing our very own school!


As part of Forest School learning, 2DF have been recreating the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Jackson Pollark. What do you think we used to make the paint for our giant splatter painting? Take a look at our Forest School Power Points to find out!

In music Mrs Grayson has been teaching 2HR all about beats so we can create our own beat and record it in our books. 2DF are learning to play the recorder. They can already play the notes A, B and G and are practising putting these notes to a tune.

We had an exciting trip to the Crucible this half term to take part in the Giddy Goat performance. We loved seeing and hearing the professional musicians play a range of instruments. We enjoyed singing along to tell the story and could think of lots of actions to accompany the songs.

We put on a brilliant Christmas play by performing ‘A Midwife Crisis’ for the rest of the school and our families. We loved learning the songs and using our drama skills to act out the different roles.


We have been gymnasts this half term. We have been practising our bear, crab and caterpillar walks. We have been linking our shapes together using straddle, star, tuck and pike jumps and movements to create routines. We have practised our shapes and new ways of travelling both on the floor and on apparatus. The teddy bear roll proved a challenge for some of us (staff too!) however we were like Percy Persevere and we got there in the end. Ask us to show you our new skills, we are all very proud of our learning!

This half term has seen the launch of the Year 2 Sports Leaders. We are very proud to announce that we are one of very few schools in Sheffield who have launched this with younger pupils. The children completed some fantastic application forms and were very excited to find out who had been given the job. Our sports leaders have been enjoying leading games at lunchtimes with the younger pupils. Ask us about the games they are playing and look out for the bright green hoodies on the playground!


This half term each class created a class charter which is an agreement made by us as a class to help keep everybody happy and safe. It is also a set of values to help us with our learning. When your next in our classrooms have a look at the things we think make a great class!


We enjoyed visiting Weston Park Museum this half term to take part in a toy workshop! We were able to look at lots of toys from the past, some were hundreds of years old! We also had fun using clay to make our very own board game- We can’t wait to play them with you!

In September 2HR went to Tudor Square to sing as part of the National Music Day.

Both Year 2 classes went to watch and take part in the Giddy Goat production by Music in the Round Ensemble 360 at the Crucible. We had a great time!

The Year 2s also enjoyed an interesting trip to Graves Gallery where they explored the Gallery’s many portraits. They learnt about the people in the portraits as well as developing their drawing skills by thinking about proportion.