Stannington Infant School Recognised for Excellence in Design and Technology Education with D&T Association Quality Mark 7.7.2024

Stannington Infant School is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious D&T Quality Mark by the Design & Technology Association. This recognition highlights the school’s commitment to providing outstanding design and technology (D&T) education to its pupils.

The D&T Quality Mark is a highly respected accolade that celebrates schools’ excellence in delivering D&T education and promoting innovation, creativity, and practical skills among children. It serves as a testament to our school’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of designers, engineers, and innovators.

Stannington Infant School carried out a self-assessment against a set of standards and collated evidence over a period of time. The evidence was then externally moderated by the Design & Technology Association before feeding back and eventually awarding the Quality Mark. The school demonstrated exceptional standards in providing a comprehensive and engaging D&T program that equips pupils with the skills and knowledge required for the modern world. This covers training opportunities, curriculum coverage, facilities and much more.

The D&T Quality Mark not only acknowledges the school’s excellence but also highlights the exceptional learning experiences provided to children.

“We were highly impressed by Stannington Infant School’s innovative approach to D&T education,” said Ryan Ball, Director of Education for the Design & Technology Association. “The school’s commitment to inspiring creativity, investing in staff and students and ensuring their curriculum and opportunities are well-equipped for an uncertain future aligns perfectly with the core values of the D&T Quality Mark. They are setting an exemplary standard for other schools in delivering high-quality D&T education.”

Stannington Infant School is immensely proud of this recognition and looks forward to continuing its mission of providing exceptional D&T education.

About the Design & Technology Association:

The Design & Technology Association is a professional association for design and technology educators. It aims to promote excellence in design and technology education and provides guidance, support, training, advice and resources to schools and teachers.

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