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2021 Activities

Year 2 Class 6 Summer

Week 5

Our final Forest School session – and sadly due to the weather we did not make it to the farm! So it was back into the garden again, but how lucky we are to have this!

To start with we sat on the decking and had another story illustrated by Gwen Millward. Then it was time to see what our learning for the day would be….

We swapped groups round this week and those who did not look at plant lifecycles with Mrs Platts last week worked with her, and the rest learnt about animal food chains with Mrs Barker. Mrs Grayson took some of us to look at bees again – we even got to do some more dissecting! Mrs Simpson helped the children who had not made herby flatbreads last week to make sweet ones this week! Yum!

In the afternoon we used weaving frames to create some natural patterns with Mrs Platts. Some of us worked with Barry to do some planting in the school flower planters. We also created some more sculptures based on the work of Barbara Hepworth and finished our Forest School chant. To end the day we sat and sang our song ‘Out in the Garden’ and ate our sweet flatbreads with a choice of jam or honey – yummy!

Have a look at the photos from our wonderful final Forest School day!




























Week 4

What a fantastic Forest School session – our first one at the farm! We loved our walk there, thinking about habitats and trying to identify trees by looking at their leaves – we even found some mice, although they were wooden!

When we arrived we had a look around the farm, thinking about how we should behave in this new environment and ate our snack. Then it was time to start our new learning….

We looked at plant lifecycles with Mrs Platts, learnt about animal food chains with Mrs Barker – do you know what the difference is between ‘predator’ and ‘prey’? Mrs Grayson took us on a mini-beast hunt looking specifically for bees and Mrs Simpson helped us to make our very own herby flatbreads!

Do you know who Barbara Hepworth was? She was an artist and sculptor. We looked at pictures of her work and used these to inspire our very own ‘natural’ art. We even named our sculptures – ‘The Square of Nature’ and ‘The Tower of Nature’! We also did some weaving with natural materials.

Have a look at the photos from our wonderful day.





Week 3

Fantastic Forest School Friday!

Yet another busy forest school day learning lots of new skills and facts…

…Do you know anything about the anatomy of a bee? We used tweezers and magnifying glasses to look at some of the dead bees, so just ask Class 6 if the answer is no.

We took on the role of scientists and conducted an experiment to see what plants and bulbs need to grow – what a great place to do this! We hope our predictions of air, water, light, warmth and soil are right.

A key word for the day was ADAPTATION….we all adapted to the cooler weather but we also learnt how insects have adapted to help them survive.

We loved making different weaving frames using card and sticks and then weaving with natural materials as well as gardening and planting bulbs.

But possibly our most favourite part of the day was making carrot and apple muffins and then getting to eat them at the end of the day!



Another great week and the sun shined for us as well!

We looked at mini-beast habitats, learnt about how plants reproduce and went in to the apiary. We also made hedgehog houses and bug hotels. In the afternoon we even got to work with a real potter to make coil pots! AMAZING!! Here are some of the photos from the day.



What a great start to our forest school sessions. We have all had a great day learning about plants, bees and mini beasts, as well as cooking and making clay pots. Here are some photos of our day.


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