Stannington Infant was inspected on the 13th and 14th of December 2023, the school retained its Outstanding grading across all areas. We are pleased that the inspection confirmed the school’s own self-evaluation and reports so incredibly positively on all aspects of the school. These include the impeccable behaviour of the children and their enthusiasm for learning; the high expectations for all children; the highly ambitious curriculum and staff expertise in identifying the needs of pupils. Also, the personal development offer which is regarded as exceptional.

Reading was described as the celebrated ‘lifeblood of Stannington Infant School’ with phonics teaching described as ‘absolutely there’, meaning it is of a very high quality and consistent throughout school.

The curriculum was highly praised being described as well embedded and established with writing praised as being ‘really impressive’ With regard to practice in the Foundation Stage the inspection team said ‘we are really impressed, it is quietly exceptional’ and that within minutes of being in the classes they could see children ‘flourish during their time here’. In terms of the personal development across school the inspectors said they were ‘massively impressed’ and likened it to the types or roles and responsibilities usually only given to Y6 pupils.

They described all subject leaders as ‘highly impressive’ and said ‘it must be great to work here, staff feel really inspired’ Throughout the inspection the Trust representatives and Governors were asked for their views and evaluation of the school and the inspectors said they were ‘hugely impressive’ and ‘demonstrate a moral obligation to providing a good education for all children.

The inspector’s final comment to leaders was that the school ‘is just brilliant’.