Dear Parents and Carers

I have just discovered, like you that we are to begin a national lock down tomorrow. I was disappointed to hear that schools will be closed to the majority of pupils from tomorrow, particularly when we were told by the Government as recently as yesterday that schools should remain open to all pupils.

This late announcement means we playing catch up and I apologise for the impact that this will have on you and your children.

If you believe you are a critical worker or that your child would be classed as vulnerable, using the definitions provided on the email sent earlier today, please complete the google form as soon as possible. We will now bring the deadline for responses forward to 12 noon tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January 2021)

If you believe you are a critical worker or that that your child meets the definition of vulnerable please bring your child to school as normal tomorrow if you have no alternative childcare for the day.

Attendance tomorrow does not guarantee a school place or preclude a place being given moving forward. We will use the survey to plan for more permanent provision tomorrow afternoon. If you are unsure of your status please phone school. Please note that we seem to be having issues with emails at the present time.

For families which do not contain critical workers or are not classed as vulnerable your children must stay home from tomorrow.

We will commence remote education as soon as we are able to do so; unfortunately we are unable to start tomorrow due to the lack of preparation time. We will contact you regarding this as soon as possible.

Finally, I am deeply saddened that we have not been able to say goodbye properly to those pupils who will be at home for the forseeable future. Please pass on our best wishes to them and reassure them we will see them online before too long and hopefully back in school where they belong sooner rather than later.

Take care everyone and stay safe