Summer 2018


The children enjoyed writing their recounts after their trip to Botanical gardens. They were careful to put events in to the correct order using ‘time words’.

Mr Payne visited us to read some of his wonderful poems. This inspired the children to write a Rainforest poem. The children loved playing with words and using alliteration, ‘The leaping leopard looked at me.’


We have been recognising different coins and notes. We investigated how many ways we could make 5p and 10p. Then we moved on to matching notes with £1.00 and £2.00 coins.

We have been thinking about time too. How many jumps can you do in a minute? We can read o’ clock and half past times and we know there are 60 minutes in one hour.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

This term we have been learning about the Rainforest. We looked at where each animal lives and learned about the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layers. We worked in teams to create our own 3D model of the layers.

In DT we designed and made a Rainforest jeep. We had to think about which type of axle we wanted to use, fixed or rotational.

Creative Learning

This term we have learnt all about the art technique of printing. We looked at the work of the artist William Morris who printed wallpaper. Using his designs as inspiration we designed our own printing tile to create a rainforest backdrop. We used a pencil to draw our design into polystyrene foam. Then we used a roller to roll the ink paint on. After we pressed our tile onto our paper to create our print. They looked amazing!

To finish our rainforest pictures we learnt about the technique of collage. We picked a rainforest animal and tore tissue paper to make a collage. We had to think carefully about the animals colours. We put the animal in the foreground of our printing to complete our rainforest picture.

PSHE Jigsaw

This term we have focused our PSHE learning on Relationships and Changes. We learnt how to make new friends and be a good friend. We had to think about the qualities of a good friend and how we would behave in different situations. We learnt all about different types of families and also about changes that happen to us. We talked about how we have changed since we were babies and how changes make us feel. We know who we can talk to about changes that happen to us and that it’s ok to be worried or feel nervous.