FOUNDATION STAGE FSHB SUMMER 2016 at Stannington Infant School
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FSGB Forest School Blog - Week 1 – The Garden

To start our morning we sat on the decking and talked about the Forest School Rules with Florrie. Then we read the story of The Bog Baby by Gwen Millard – we all want our own ‘bog baby’ to look after! Then we had our first activities – all to help us identify the SENSES! We looked for coloured cubes on the school field –SIGH. Sat at different places in school and listened to all the sounds we could hear- HEARING. Then finally we went on a scavenger hunt around the garden to find a list of different things. Something colourful, smooth, that smells nice…. SMELL, TOUCH and SIGHT! We soon worked out the only sense we hadn’t used was…..TASTE!!!

To end our morning we used our senses of sight, touch and hearing to make our very own family of bog babies out of clay – we even decorated them using natural materials.

In the afternoon we had some different activities to do – but we were always thinking about the different senses we were using…..

Planting – we all helped to plant a seed and talked about what we have to do to look after it over the next few weeks.

Whittling – we learnt how to do this safely and will hopefully use our new, pointed sticks to make fruit kebabs or fishing rods to catch more ‘bog babies’ to look after – but we will put them back of course!

Den building – we made dens for bog babies – what would they need inside to keep them fit and healthy?

Art – we worked as a class to create a large scale picture based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy……Can you see what we used and what picture we chose?

To end our day we sat back on the decking and sang some bug songs before reading the story Bear and the Bird by Gwen Millard.

What an exciting day – we can’t wait for our next session at Forest Schools!

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